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Posted: September 5, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Just the other day I read an article about the Milky way galaxy being part of a vast network of galaxies. The astro physicist who discovered this network made a wonderful map of the network. I found the map to be beautiful and extraordinary and it made me think of 12 year old John at the Randall Park mall. The mall is now an empty shell of itself in Randall Park Ohio. The mall was very important to the city of Randall Park Ohio but it still fell to the nations recession.

randall-park-mall-11jpg images (12)

Why did this vast network of galaxy maps make me think of Randall Park mall and 12 year old John? Well because of a sign I once stood in front of looking for a Radio Shack. I stood in front of that map and read the words “you are here” directly under a big red arrow. I thought about the map the arrow and me. I was part of the mall shoppers and I knew where I was and how to get where I was going.

When Columbus sailed the Atlantic he navigated using star maps and charts. The stars told him where he was and what he was part of.  The ships have gotten bigger and now man is looking past the earth our solar system and soon maybe our galaxy and now man has a map. The map will give us guidance and even other than that it should give mankind some perspective and maybe with perspective it may also help man treat each other better.

In 1969 NASA launched Apollo 11 and successfully landed on the moon. The crew took a photo of earth from the moon

. 070628_moon_view_02

One year later the US government created the EPA. Hate or love it the EPA has made a difference and really cleaned up the earth. Yes there is still a lot a lot of work to do, but the earth has made some major leaps towards a cleaner earth. I really think this photo made people and the world look at itself differently. I also believe that this map of the network that the milkyway galaxy is part of will also have som major effects on the earth and the way we treat each other and our home. Well at least I can hope






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