What are you reading part two

Posted: September 8, 2014 in Uncategorized

Some time back I made a post asking the readers what they were reading. As a youth, I was asked this question a lot. The older generation wanted to know what I was reading because it was important to  read. The benefits for reading are vast. Besides simply building up a vocabulary and learning, reading opens readers and writers up to such a big world.  Reading opens up our imaginations, improves brain connections, relaxes the body and clams the mind.

If those reasons there haven’t convinced you to begin reading for entertainment, how about this gem, reading is great entertainment. I have read so many wonderful stories!  I am currently a quarter of the way through another. I love to read. I do a lot of reading at night before I nod off.  So there are a lot of reasons to read. So many and if you need one more reason to read. How about this, Saturday was National Read a Book day. Yeah it is a thing.

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In my mind, the most important case for reading is in that reading really is intrinsic to the human condition because when we read we experience connections. The reader gets to peek into the mind of the writer or writers and get an intimate view of the hidden intricacies that make up part of their psyche. For me being human has a lot to do with connecting with others and reading allows us to do this. The human  connections made through reading, go beyond the distance of time and space! You can read works from a current author in your home town or an author from the 18th century in a different county. Reading is an amazing journey and I encourage everyone to read as much and as often as they can.





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