” This R2 unit has a bad motivator. Look!”

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The title for this quote is from one of my most favorite movies ever. Star Wars A new Hope. Our hero is a moisture farmer on the planet Tatooine and he and his uncle Owen are buying some droids from the sand people. Droids are robots who do physical labor. Owen picks out two droids and is getting ready to pay th esand people when Luke (our protagonist of the Star Wars saga) points out that one of the droids, the sand people gave him is busted. “This R2 unit has a bad motivator. Look!” Luke Skywalker.  The droid is smoking and making bad noises. Uncle Owen gives the sand people the thrid degree and they give him a working droid. The working dorid is named R2D2 and he has a message from the Rebel leaders. Our protagonist gets the message and jumps into the rebellion and becomes the “New Hope”. If you haven’t you should watch all six Star Wars movies great stories. 

I love this scene and that line about the motivator. Sometimes, especially on Wednesday I fell like I have a bad motivator. I drag myself out of bed shower shave and brush my teeth only to be slapped in the face with work. See… bad motivator.  I can’t replace my parts or swap myself out for someone else when I feel like my motivator is busted. So what is a hero to do (because we should all be the heroes of our own lives)? Well I like to try and do two things when I have a busted motivator. I try and cultivate a sense of gratitude. What am I grateful for? I answer this with everything I can think of and this sense also brings me back to the now.


See for me a busted motivator happens when I am taken out of the moment and greeted with what is on the horizons or in the past. For example: professionally I begin to think about projects that are not started yet  but, starting that day and all the details of them and I get overwhelmed and the motivator gets over heated, or I look at my  career flight path (maybe descent is a better description) and the smoke billows from my motivator. So when I begin to develop a sense of  gratitude I have to remove my thoughts from later and before and focus on the now. Now what am I grateful for. Some days are easier than others to find things to be grateful for. Sometimes I have to really work to find things to be grateful for. I have to be grateful for something as simple as a cup of coffee in the morning. I always think about that statement “stop and smell the roses” succinct simple and profound!

This works for me. This is how I find motivation, but I have learned and I see it everyday that, people are different. Our uniqueness is what makes the world such a wonderful place and in being unique this exercise may or may not work for you. I encourage you to not be discouraged if it does not work for you and continue to try and fix that motivator in your own way.





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