We all have our ways to do it

Posted: September 12, 2014 in Uncategorized

Life. We all have our ways of living it don’t we? We approach it with a wonderful uniqueness that makes the world this diverse beautiful tapestry. I love seeing all the different cultures and approaches to life. When life is respected and treasured and compassionate gratitude employed societies are wonderful organisms. You can feel the energy from the city or village that you are part of and each one has it’s own vibe. I think the diversity of people along with an amazing geography is what makes travel so rewarding. Of course I don’t get to travel as often as I would like but who does? Society and culture changes. This can be seen in the outward appearances of buildings and people.

As society changes it can be tempting for a position of authority to place codes and uniformity to try and keep society from changing. I see it happening all the time. I think it was four years ago, maybe more but in the local community I live in I watched the authority figures in the public school system implement a dress code for all students. In one policy the authorities tried to wipe out the uniqueness of our children s dress. Taking away one more avenue for our children to express themselves. There was some outrage by of course yours truly but others welcomed the policy in an effort to try and stem society and create “order” in the school system.


Just this morning I read an article, in which a scientist studied yeast cells and has hypothesized that, evolution in large scale organisms basically leads to the same outcome. The facts are being looked over and scrutinized by the scientific community but if his hypothesis is found true this is quite profound for evolutionary biology. All that aside I think there can be some philosophical parallels drawn here.

Imagine that all of mankind is on some sort of journey. Every year or day is another step and the outcome is what? What do you think this outcome is? A utopia or a Dystopia? Are you a fan of entropy or a fan of civilization? I know it is heavy stuff for a Friday but seriously think about it….

A fan of a world where all roads lead to Rome has to ask himself what Rome is. Now some are not fans of the all roads lead to Rome philosophy some feel that there is Rome and Detroit and Philadelphia as well as Cleveland and that each road leads to a different place. In this philosophy, let’s call it a many roads philosophy. There are men and women who must act as directors and move society to the right city. This seems narcissistic to me. The thought that the actions of directors can influence the state of  a society through policies and keep “order”, yeah narcissistic and foolish really.  Fans of history will tell you that World War 1 and World War 2 happened in spite of some drastic means taken to avoid going to these terrible wars.


What does it mean than should society quit governing itself because the outcome is all the same? all roads lead to Rome so let us just all become nihilists? No by no means at all society should govern itself so that society can benefit from getting to Rome. Respect compassion and dignity should be the rule of the day. Not order or social control. Not uniform policies in school system or morality laws from religious organizations (see ISIS). When we realize that we are all going to the same place just some of us will get there on different roads then I think we can truly enjoy the journey and what else is life it is not this wonderful colorful crazy ride?






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