We do not need to share a Prime Minister to love each other

Posted: September 17, 2014 in Uncategorized

Scottish independence will be decided soon. The decision will be made on September 18th. That is tomorrow, in case you do not have a calendar handy. The vote should be very tight. Many people want freedom no matter what the cost and another camp wants to still enjoy all the benefits of being a subject of the United Kingdom.

The biggest reason I have heard for freedom, is the idea of being able to control the tax money collected and set up a budget for Scotland. Controlling ones finances is a bench mark for independence, whether it be a sovereign nation an adult or a family.  Although it is a bench mark it can also be quite a headache and a little scary.


This is what the Scotts will face at the polls tomorrow. Fear and apprehension but also hope. Freedom is a wonderful thing. At one time in the history of the United States freedom from the United Kingdom was worth dying for.  The only thing that saddens me now about freedom is how some of us use it or do not use it. We are free to vote and many of us do not we are free to speak our minds and many of us stay silent and we are also free to learn and many of us continue to stay ignorant.

No matter what Scottland decides tomorrow my hope is that here in the United States we will never fail to embrace and exercise all our freedoms





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