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was once hard.”


That is a quote from a television show I have been watching called Manhattan. This is a wonderful show and if you are not watching it you should be. I am serious you will not be disappointed. If I could describe the show in one sentence, it would be mad men meets numbers set against ww2.

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So the quote was from the show and the show is great. A young wife of one of the scientist on the Manhattan project was asking another older wife of another scientist on the Manhattan project, why everything had to be so hard. She responded with that gem. “Everything easy was once hard” This quote really resonated with me.

There are times when it feels like we can’t get a break. We hit every red light, we find out we had to pay back taxes, pick a scenario.  It can feel like everything we do has roadblocks obstacles and is hard but if we remember that everything that is easy was once hard we can be removed from our situation. We can use this mental exercise to gain a perspective and think about all the easy tasks we know take for granted. Simply flipping a switch to cause the lights to come on. The electric lighting and infrastructure that provides electric power is ubiquitous in modern society and yet it was really hard to develop and run at first.

I thought about going into the details concerning electricity but, hey it is Friday so no need to kill you with all that minutia. Just something to think about when you flip a switch at the house or turn the car key in your ignition these simple tasks were once hard. If you are like me remembering this will cultivate gratitude within you and provide you with some insight to your future and the ease of the same laborious tasks you are now engaging in… Maybe if nothing else this quote is a great piece of fodder to give to someone struggling.

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