Who put that Continent there?

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The history of travel is an amazing one and the future is looking more and more incredible! I just skimmed over an article in which it seems that Elon Musk, founder of Tesla, SpaceX and Paypal, is going to be producing a “space taxi”. To shuttle folks in and out of space! See isn’t travel amazing.

One thing that I find incredible about travel is how it affects so much more than just those doing the traveling and how despite all efforts to maintain a caste system (i.e. first class, business class economy) travel in the aggregate at least, tends to make us all equals. Do you know what the H1 watch is? If you do than do you know this watches origin?

See this is an incredible story.   British Sailors where having, a devil of a time, determining longitude while at sea. There were no markers and the skies where not always clear. There is a way to set a course longitudinally an stay on it with a proper time keeping device but all devices at the time of our story were far from accurate and could not withstand the rigors of ocean travel. So what did Great Britain do? Well, they had a contest of course.

All types of scientists and astronomers entered the contest. One man won. He was not a scientist or an astronomer but a watch maker and his invention was the H1 time keeping piece. His name was John Harrison and today the movements of our watches can be traced back to his design.

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See the thing about man and woman kind is this.. When everyone works together no matter what talents they think they have or lack, great things can and do happen. The opposite can be said though when man and woman kind do not work together. When we try to keep people out because they are not the right IQ level or religion or race we are only harming the entire human race.  Everyone has something to offer to everyone else and until what they have to offer is provided no one knows what lies within someones potential.

To keep someone from getting the chance to perform should be criminal. It can be easy to take a look at someone and the way they carry themselves and think “they have nothing to teach or offer me” but doing this can only harm you.

Let us all keep an open line and respect one another.

btw did I mention that John Harrison was self educated?





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