The canary

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Deep underground miners work and toil. They slam their pick axes into the the earth and she brings up in response Anthracite. The coal will fuel trains warm homes and offices and move the generators that will power the electrical grid in the United States for almost the entire century. There in the mine with the workers is a cage and in it a canary.  It is not so much a pet or mascot more like an alarm. The canary in the coal mine serves as a warning system for the coal mine workers. As the toxic  fumes would accumulate in the mine the canary would get more and more sick and the sicker the canary the more dire the shaft would be for mine workers. If the canary died everyone should immediately leave the shaft.  A crude and brutal system but efficient. Mine safety has come far and today there are modern detection devices that work much like the canary but better.

When I imagine the canary in the coal mine I always think of detection devices and what they do. They alert users to dangerous conditions. I think that we are privy to many detection devices in our lives. Many canaries in the coal mine, if you will, but we are not aware of our situation enough to heed the warnings from the canaries.

Look around you. What do you see? Are there some canaries indicating some upcoming trends in your life? Some may indicate as a dead or sick canary did a dire situation that will manifest itself in the near future. The accumulation of debt in short periods of time may be a warning sign to a consumer. He needs to change something. A better paying job or a different life style may be needed to stave off economic ruin. That is one canary in a coal mine.

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It is easy and human to see the dead canary and grieve but I implore you to see why the canary has died. In case you missed it I am not referring to a literal canary at all, I am using the canary as an illustration. The canary in the case of the economic ruin scenario would be all the bills in the mail box. It can be easy to get a bill fret over paying or in some cases not paying it than moving on unchanged but if we recognize the bills as a canary we can take heed and make changes and come out of life all the better. I don’t know what is happening in your life right now but often things that seem to happen all of a sudden have a build up of dead birds along the way. We just have to be alert





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