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So do you have children? Maybe a niece or a nephew, a child you found on the street who now lives in your house (kidding). But if you have children you may have already learned or may be learning know that there homework becomes our homework. Yeah, you will not be doing the homework but you will be supervising checking and rechecking the homework and as they get older you will do some more supervising. As the child gets older you will have the wonderful college education that becomes your homework.

Yesterday I posted a blog about my oldest son and his upcoming college years. In case you didn’t read the post (don’t worry if you didn’t I am so not offended for real no offense taken. I have already concluded that my posts exist in the ether as fodders for the mythical), but in case you missed it he is going to graduate next year and what I like to call, the college courting season, has begun.


So, because his homework is now our homework I have been reading about colleges and I have found some things.

1. most colleges are expensive in the United States. Yes there is always financial aid and  scholarships and grants but the college tuition is very high.

2. Some colleges are better than others at helping students deal with these expenses. Some offer a lot of help with financial aid and scholarship options and some go above and beyond that…


Alice Lloyd College, Pippa Passes, Ky.

Undergraduates:  598
Tuition: $4,460
The school covers tuition for students from 108 counties in central Appalachia. Students are expected to work 10 hours a week in campus jobs that include cutting grass, serving as lifeguards and staffing the on-campus day care. Students from outside the no-tuition zone can make up to $1,160 in campus jobs to offset their tuition bills.

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Isn’t that cool? See I love what this school is doing to address a social problem, which is very high college tuition. This solution took some innovative thinking and work and they did it.

This colleges solution gives me hope and I hope that policy makers look at examples like this for ideas to our problems. When you take on social problems it can seem at times impossible to reach a good solution but this school did it.

You may have some problems now at work or home but you can do it. Look for examples of success, take note and be hopeful.





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