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Do you use twitter or facebook? If you answered yes search for  #UmbrellaRevolution and you will read about the non violent tidy protests in Hong Kong. But. what is it all about?

It is basically all about democracy. Hong Kong has been part of the republic of China since 1997 and not a democracy. The rule of a communist state seems to be just to much in Hong Kong. What is it then that makes this protest happen? I like to think it is economic inequality, which creates a mad dash for resources like food and no voice in the dividing up of resources.

I am certain there are many more elements to this protest and what has caused it to take place. As time goes on I hope that the Chinese government will not be able to cover up the protest and we will learn more.

I live in the United States of America and our country’s government is a parliamentary style republic democracy.  I am a huge patriot and fan of my country. I really feel that a democracy where everyone has a voice with respect to human rights even of the minority is the way to go with government structure. Despite our truly wonderful system, the United States is still experiencing one of the largest income gaps in the history of the countries inception.

Am I ready to sit down in the streets of the financial district yet? No, but I am ready to look to the ballot box for some change in leadership, at all levels of government.

I have always been a fan of the word cronyism. It sounds funny but it is not funny at all and it is going on in the United States. It is through cronyism that many in power now in the United States have created policies to directly benefit the super rich.  You can debate the laurels of career politicians all you want but I often remember the words of the great Shakespeare drama Macbeth

“Absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

I have seen in my short life the powerful men and women, through cronyism create dynasties that bridge the gap between politics and business.

I encourage all members of the world who live in countries that participate in  democracies to vote and take it a step more and vote for members of a party that is currently not in power.

It seems a shame that democracy in the United States may not be working in that the income gap is growing at a rapid rate. It seems more of a shame that this process could work if more citizens used the ballot box to voice their complaint against the ruling class.  This action has to be done though with a proper understanding of the political parties and system and gaining this understanding can become a terrible ordeal.

Even with this terrible ordeal it is important to remember the words of Plato

So keep your head up, press on learn and vote.

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