He looked like Kyle and then he didn’t

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It was really early in the morning. Real early My ex wife was in some serious pain and a few hours later, Johnathan Corrigan was born. That happened 15 years ago. I can’t tell you what time it was or how long it took for my second son to be born but I can tell you how I felt when I watched his birth. I was amazed. I was and I am a grown man but until that moment I had never seen a baby be born.

I know, he is my second son but, for Kyles birth I was in Kuwait with the U.S. Army. I listened to Kyles birth over a satellite phone in Kuwait (that is another blog post look for it on oh let’s say April 8th maybe). I was there when Johnathan was born in person.

After the birth I made the phone calls and received my congratulations from my mom and dad as well as my sisters and my grandmother. My grandmother was a nurse at a hospital and she and I talked about how miraculous birth is to see. She said the nurses that worked in the hospitals maternity ward always made comments on working closet to God there. I can see how one can feel that way.

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Watching life enter this realm was incredible and I just really thought nothing could top that. I just couldn’t see how, but Johnathan is 15 now Happy Birthday Johnathan You Rock and something even more amazing than birth has and is happening. It is his life. He is really growing up learning so much so fast. He is in the fast part of life right now. Soon he will be wishing like those of us of other ages, he will be wishing life would slow down for just a little bit and it will but for now he is learning about everything and developing this personality.

I have become less and less a focus of his and more a spectator and I like what I have seen. He is making me proud and I think he is happy

So I hope today and forever is a good day for him

Happy Birthday






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