I want to read that notebook!

Posted: October 9, 2014 in Uncategorized

photo (1)Just yesterday was my son Johnathans 15th birthday. I gave him a nice notebook as a gift. I let him know that all great people kept journals, I keep a journal and he should too. I received my journal as a gift from my girlfriend.

The journal is so cool, there is a quote from Han Solo on the cover of it and it is moleskin so neat right? I like keeping my journal. I try to make my entities in the morning before work. The morning writing helps me focus and get into a good mind set for the day. Sometimes I will do a night entry but this is rare at night I love to unwind relax and read or (and don’t tell anyone but I also like to  watch a little tv). I have not read any of my journal yet. I am afraid of reading the journal. I know that my grammar is terrible and I am trying to make my entries unabridged or uncensored, although it may not seem like it I do some editing of my blog posts.

I was thinking about notebooks and journals and I wondered to myself. Whose notebooks would I like to read? If I could read a person alive or deads notebooks whose would I like to read. So many men and women have done so much it is a hard question. I am not sure but I do think I would love to have read some of the notebooks of George Lucas. I love Star Wars and I just think it would be a treat to read some of the un edited ideas for Star Wars from the master.

I know super geek but I guess I am what I am. Whose notebooks would you like to read? When you get a chance consider this question today. Would you want to peer into the mind of Dr. Seuss or Mark Twain, maybe Winston Churchill or Patton. The question is an interesting one isn’t it. My daughter Hannah read the diary of Anne Frank in school and loved it.

Anne Frank in spite of what was happening when she keep her diary filled the pages of that notebook with so much love and compassion. Like I said there are many I would love to read if I got the chance and we have the chance for some.

When you answer your question go online and look you may be surprised and have a new node to add to your fall reading list. If not you can always imagine what the notebook would have in it and that is kind of fun too…





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