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Let me tell you all about it. Well first, allow me to apologize for not posting on my blog yesterday and posting so late tonight or today. I have had a busy weekend and an even more busy Monday and Tuesday. This is the first chance I had to just sit down and relax and it is 9:18 uh yeah pm. Wild huh?  So to my one fan, I am sorry for being off schedule. I really am. I want to be like Mussolinis trains not so flakey like I am.

So, apology out of the way, let me tell you a little bit about what happened to my girlfriend and I this weekend. Late Saturday night she and I went to the closed set of a movie called “Ben and Ara“. The film was a kick starter project that got funded and is currently filming. It is a love story about an interracial and interfaith couple in graduate school. Shana and I volunteered to be extras in a party scene for the film.

We were dressed as hipsters between the hours of 9pm and 6 am Saturday night and Sunday morning and yes it was a long evening. I try to forever be the student of life and the experiences i have in life. I love life and every experience I have in life. I learned from this experience that I enjoy watching movies much more than I do being an extra in them.

All the time we spent could not have resulted in more than maybe 5 minutes of film. I have gained a new found respect for everyone in the movie industry the hours are long the egos huge and the process so involved! Watching the camera men film and re film and re film and re film to get the right look or move or sound. Oh sound! The sound guy last night heard everything! The extras had to mime their speech and interactions  with imaginary party goers. “Not even a whisper!”  This may not sound hard but it is really tough. Besides respect for the craft and artisans I also watched how in any group small acts of kindness and respect could and did result in a much better work place atmosphere. There was a scene I was in in which I had to be a drunk party goer who bumps into the star while she is discussing feminism at the party. I was asked by the director and the man working the camera to bump the star harder and harder. “Really give her a shove” We shot the scene so many times I felt horrible about bumping into what seemed like a very nice person so much and some of the other actors let me know how important they were because they had speaking parts.  I was tired and feeling not so great and kind of wishing I was hanging out with my girlfriend because she was not in this part of the scene and the actress, Constance Ejuma, let me know that I was doing a good job and that made a big difference.  My girlfriend by the way also did what I thought was a great job as well. In the party scene she was standing up and miming a big conversation with some other women while holding a beer bottle full of unsweet tea.

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The night was fun and definitely a bucket list event and I am glad that my girlfriend signed us up for it. Will I do it again I am going to have to say no, I do not think so. However I am very happy to have done it. Like almost every event in my life I feel better for having done this and I like to think if I didn’t learn something new I had old notions like respect and kindness goes for miles, reinforced!





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