There wasn’t any blood but

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The other night there was a blood moon (October 8th.) I am a big fan of space the stars and the moon. For my birthday I got a really nice telescope and I could spend hours outside finding stars and looking at the moon. My girlfriend and her sister both let me know about the total eclipse of the moon or the blood moon.  The morning of the blood moon Shanna and I woke up and went outside, she went back in so she could get ready for work I stayed and set up the telescope.

I was treated to a view of what seemed like a different world! We came in late on the eclipse so there wasn’t any blood but the moon so so bright it seemed like daylight that morning. I was able to see Mare Tranquillitatis,  the crater named Plato and much much more.

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Seeing the moon and the stars and all the universe through the telescope works for me because it is awe inspiring. When I read about plans for colonization of the moon and Mars and the plan for interstellar travel I have hope for the human race. To become a two or three solar system species that is so important.

Hope fuels the innovators of today and tomorrow. I encourage you to engage in whatever it is that inspires awe in you and gives you hope. That hobby that borderlines on obsession go ahead and do it. Get involved and enjoy it. If you are lucky like me your girlfriend will buy you a really nice telescope and wake you up really early in the morning to see something amazing!





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