Yes I do the back too

Posted: October 20, 2014 in Uncategorized

This morning getting ready for work I was of course not running late but I wasn’t early either. I was a third of the way through ironing my shirt for work and thought about all the time I could save if I simply did not iron the back of the shirt.

I know I know the height of laziness there right well, I will let you know that I did indeed iron the back of the shirt. I knew I would be wearing a coat over the shirt but I also knew that I would be taking the coat off sometime through out the day and I did not want to start my day only doing half a job. I wasn’t late for work or any of my morning appointments and I felt like I had accomplished something. Ironing in the morning helps me focus.

It can be easy to cut corners at home or at work,  or home but the cost will come later and sometimes sooner. The immediate cost is knowing you could have done better.  We should do our very best even if it means we may be late.






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