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Posted: October 24, 2014 in Uncategorized

Life moves at a quick pace. Life can feel fast and full of changes.

“The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change -”


In case you have not read the story Heraclitus was a philosopher from the city of Ephesus, and before the time of Socrates. So a life full of change and an ever changing universe is nothing new.

I am right in the middle of a huge career change for me. In the next week I will be starting new employment. Yesterday I was busy trying to get some information for my new employer concerning employment I was involved in about 10 years ago. My quest had me making phone calls and speaking with people I hadn’t spoke with in years.

One of the people I spoke with was an ex manager of mine named Jim. He was more of a mentor. Jim was retired and we talked about our children his retirement and everything under the sun. Jim is a good person, and talking with good people, even if you haven’t spoke for years, is easy. There is no pressure with people who do not judge to quickly, ae honest and have genuine concern for the people they are speaking too (see those are some very important traits of good people). Good people do not make idle chit chat about the weather they ask questions about and listen to things that are important to the person they are speaking with.

Jim taught me much about my profession. We sat together for hours trying to solve problems in the office but he taught me much more about being a good person.

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My dad and mom were not social animals while I was growing up. They didn’t throw huge parties for lots of people, but family was always welcome at their house and they did a lot to help more than just my sisters and I, with any and everything. Mom and dad are good people to. I like to think it is because they are good people that it is so easy to speak with them.  I have tried my entire life so far to emulate folks like Mom dad and Jim and many other good people.

I think the other great thing about good people is this. Good people tend to face life with an attitude of gratitude and that is a huge difference maker.  I think Jim was happy to get my call yesterday even though I interrupted his retirement for, like 10 minutes.




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