Life is not fair

Posted: October 28, 2014 in Uncategorized
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My mom was and is still an amazing teacher. She has four children and we will just say a lot of grand children. With all these blessings, mom has had no choice but to be a teacher. One lesson learned by my sisters and I, from our mom was that, life is not fair.

This morning I was in the waiting room watching for the first time in 3 years the Today Show. On the Today Show, a video taken in a psych study was shown. The video shows two caged monkeys. One of the monkeys accepts and eats a grape the other throws back a cucumber at the student and expresses some anger. The video is hilarious and part of a study. The study is really incredible in that, it demonstrates how a sense of fairness is something that may be ingrained into man and animals DNA.

Now just because fairness is instinctual, does not mean it takes place in life or nature. Understanding and realizing that life is not fair has helped me cope with unfair situations.

Let me be clear, I am in no way a victim. I am a very lucky man! I really feel like I am living a charmed life, but there are times when I can feel slighted and like I am treated unfairly and then I remember my mom.

Life is not fair the sooner this is realized the quicker we can develop gratitude for things we feel we are entitled to. The realization that life is n. ot fair will bring us closer to developing a good work ethic and a strong sense of civic duty. Because life is not fair man has to work to help themselves as well as the helpless.

Life is not fair and on its surface this maxim can seem foreboding. Mom taught us that life is not fair but she also taught us that, if we put our minds to it that, we could do anything. I love reading about man kinds achievements and I am inclined to believe that mom was also correct about men and women’s ability.

Life is not fair but it is a magnificent gift and it is exactly what we make of it.






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