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Posted: October 30, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Ok, do you know what a washing machines bellow is? On a front loading washing machine a bellow is the rubber gasket seal on a front loading washer. The bellow on our washer machine was torn and began to leak. I purchased a new one from the appliance store and went to you tube. There was a wonderful video showing step by step instructions for replacing the bellow.

The video let me know that the job would take 40 minutes, the video lied. I am thinking that the video assumed I would know more about the process of replacing a washer seal. I didn’t know what the seal was named. It took me about an hour and a half to do this. I followed the directions step by step and see the thing was the video and the steps were a good starting point but The washer machine model I was replacing was not exactly the same one as the washer machine in the video.

Instructional texts and videos are great in theory but to execute a theory you have to be flexible and realize that everything will not be exactly the same as the text or video. I was able though to understand how and why things were where they were and then I learned on my hour long journey all the nuances that made our washer different than the one in the video.

When reading about something you are preparing to do or watching a video about the event it can be easy to assume that this event will be a picture perfect boiler plate experience but it is wise to keep in mind that every experience a is a little different.





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