I know it says books

Posted: November 7, 2014 in Uncategorized

Ok so there is a new section to this blog. It is called books and can b reached by clicking the word books. Crazy right? In case you didn’t click the link yet, I will let you know what happens when you click on the link. Clicking the books link, brings you to the books page.non the books page there are directions for buying my one book. A little secret for you here. Follow the Amazon link on my books page the book cost less in Amazon.
Now I am aware that the link says books and that there is only one book on the page, however there are more to come. Just yesterday I posted a blog about how busy I have been. I am still busy and part of being so busy is my participation in write a novel in a month contest for more info go here http://www.nanowrimo.org so I am 7 days into my next book. I am way off the word count for where I should be but, I am channeling my inner Winston Churchill not giving up and getting back on track this weekend.
If you are behind on some project I would encourage you to do the same and know w that there are others like me who are also running behind. We can get this done! Do not take the s of the book keep it on there out your head down and just do!



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