Can you dance to it

Posted: November 10, 2014 in Uncategorized

The music, can you dance to it? Well, I truly believe that, there are no answers only questions. Every question results in more questions and the previous one is a prime example. The music… What music? I am not sure what music this question is referencing.
See dance is defined by movement. We are all moving and by we I mean everyone and everything alive and dead. All of us are moving on earth which is moving through the solar system, which is moving through the Galaxy, which is moving through the super cluster, which moves through space. If any of those movements were to stop, physics here on earth would change. This stop could result in some really weird things happening. So dancing is moving and we all do it to a certain degree.
Some of us move more than others. Movement is good, it is life we have to do it and it usually works best when we are all moving together for a common good.
To get people dancing the best medium has been music. So to circle back. That music what is it what do you hear see feel right now? Can you dance to it? The music is what you take in and fill your moment with. Is it good? I hope so then it will be easy to dance to. Sometimes you can feel as though the music is beyond your control and it maybe however our perspective and outlook is always within our control. You know a healthy human ear can isolate sound in a cacophony of noise. There was a study about this named Mesgarani and Chang. “Selective cortical representation of attended speaker in multi-talker speech perception” Nature, 2012. It basically all comes to focus. Focus on whatever good you have



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