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When I was a kid one of the cable channels would play the old Elvis Presley movies. These movies were great, Elvis would sing dance and do all kinds of stuff, the whole time he was this super cool dude.
In one of the movies Elvis wore a silver necklace, from the necklace hung the letters T C B. A young man in the movie asked Elvis why the letters and he said because it meant taking care of business and that was what Elvis was all about.
On my way into work this morning I listened to a senator, reporter and college professor discuss the immigration climate in the United States of America. Now I am not sure if you are familiar at all about the current immigration climate in the United States and I will attempt to describe it to you. Please keep in mind that I am not a political expert at all. The current immigration climate involves a few players. There is the United States congress, they are the legislative branch of the United States, then there is the president of the United States,his office is the executive branch and finally there are un documented aliens living in the United States (many in shelters awaiting trial to learn their fate, legal status for living here). Are you confused yet? Me too. But at least you know the players now what are they doing. So the un documented are waiting some are rewarded for their wait with visas for extended stays and a path to citizenship, some are deported and many wait in limbo. The president is currently asking and threatening. He is asking congress to create laws (legislative branch) that will work to reform the immigration climate in the U S. He is threatening to use an executive order to accomplish some immigration reform if action is not taking. An executive order is an order from a he executive office that helps other parts of the government do their jobs. So the order that may happen could be an order allowing the immigration customs enforcement agency to fast track legal proceedings for immigrants in shelters. The congress of the United States (remember our legislative branch?) they are, asking the executive office for two things, one execute the current immigration laws a and two give them time to make some new better laws.
So I said all along this to say that it seems that the immigration climate is a result of many players not being like Elvis and taking care of business. My hope is that the congress can take care of business this session and help the aliens which will in turn help the country.
It can be frustrating when we are doing our part like the executive has and his and the temptation to undermine our colleagues may be great, but this should be avoided. We should work within the system we are part of trust everyone to do their job and do our best at our job.


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