Being first is not as important as being the best

Posted: November 25, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Everyone seems to have a story about how they were first, especially entrepreneurs. During the dot com bubble there was a rush to be the first company online. Many companies were in such a hurry to get online up and running that they entered markets with business models that were unsustainable and flopped. One of the biggest and most well known flops of the dot com era was The company was well known because of its advertising campaign. A sock puppet would interview people on the street. It was a great ad campaign but it seems that the greatness ended there. For the interested readers here is an informative article.

This is not a business blog so I will quit boring you with business stories. I only mention the story because today’s post title. ” Being first is not as important as being the best”. We live in a culture that hat does not reward second place. The victory lap goes to the one who crosses the finish line first. Even though we call it the human race life is not a race. In life there is no reward for finishing first. I don’t know about you but I have been caught up before in competition. I have gotten so caught up in competition that I have lost perspective and my sense of gratitude. This is bad. A sense of gratitude is can make all the difference and losing it can put a person to n a bad place psychologically. To avoid this I would encourage us all to, focus on doing well not the speed.



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