To encrypt or not to encrypt

Posted: November 26, 2014 in Uncategorized

Last year around Christmas time I watched a you tube message from Edward Snowden. The message was about the mass surveillance programs exposed through the leaking of “The Snowden tapes”, and the need for privacy.
I was reminded of the Snowden Christmas message because of the two things. First I heard Christmas music in the store last night. Yeah, two days before thanksgiving and Christmas music was playing. Terrible!! The second event was me reading an article about, the messaging company What’s App offering end to end the encryption.
For those who are not all geeky end to end encryption is a system in which only the sending and receiving parties have the keys to open the message. So when the message is intercepted at the what’s app server the party who gets it gets an encrypted message. So with end to end encryption even the what’s app company (which is now Facebook) cannot read your texts.
Some people may wonder why privacy is so important. Snowden tries and o lay it out in his message to the people (the Christmas one).
Privacy is important because privacy is almost a necessity for free speech. Let me explain, in private we are more likely to criticize our leaders. With like minded family and friends we will discuss the mayors actions, pedigree and political affiliations. Then in a he paper, on the blogs and at the barber shop we will present our criticisms in discussion. Finally in November we will armed with criticisms public discussions and facts cast our vote. Without privacy often that first step cannot happen or it does so under duress.
Just recently the wire taps and FBI investigation into Martin Luther King Jr. were released. The tapes were telling. Martin Luther King Jr. Was a truly selfless man, our world is definitely worse off without him here. What is most troubling is a letter, in which the F B I encourages King to kill himself.
This was most likely done because of Kings alleged ties to the communist party. Now King was not a communist but in privacy with friends and family King may or may not have mentioned some of the admirable traits of the communist ideology especially when it comes to their stance on equality. The private was public and then in a war on communism (sound like a war on terror?) preemptive action was taken.
So privacy is very important. Our children have to be able to live without fear of retribution for their private conversations and thoughts.
I may not use encryption but I will support anyone’s right to use encryption and their 1st amendment rights in this country.





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