What does it mean?

Posted: December 1, 2014 in Uncategorized

Today’s blogpost title is a question. What does it mean? The question, like all good questions brings to mind more questions. I am a firm believer in the zen philosophy in that there are really no answers simply questions. So what then is the question to the posts title? Of course the answer and question is, what does what mean? What does earned conclusion mean?
If you ever heard anyone critic a position you may have heard the words “earned conclusions” get used. Usually, the words are used to define an authors opinions, which are conclusions and really all opinions are formed or earned. So when I hear the words earned conclusion I immediately think opinion. Now, some opinions I value more than others and I try to value them based on how they were formed or earned.
I look at the holder of the opinion and the precedence she or he has set through previous opinions and then, I look at the known facts of the situation concerning the opinion and use the facts with my moral code and establish or earn my own opinion. Writing this out has made me realize my earning on conclusions is flawed. I really should not judge a persons opinion based on their character. I should be more removed. That way my earned conclusions can be better and do more good for me and society.
What do you need to change about how you earn your conclusions?





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