The theater of the mind

Posted: December 2, 2014 in Uncategorized

When I was younger I would listen to the radio while my parents drove. When mom drove we were treated to country and gospel music. She had her favorite stations and when dad did the driving it was usually classic rock. The song would play on each station followed by a commercial and then a dj or pair of dj s or team would speak. They would comment on the current events gossip about stars or make jokes. I would listen and make assumptions while listening. I assumed that all the Dj s on the country stations wore cowboy hats and all the dj s on the classic rock wore leather jackets and had cool mullets.
As I grew older I was exposed to different radio stations and made more and more assumptions about the dj s on the stations I had a whole world drawn up in the theater of my mind. Now with the internet I can see photos of the dj s. Sometimes I am close and at other times I was way off. It was and still is an exercise in imagination.
The theater of a he mind is the place were our imaginations should run free. Imagination is a powerful tool that is needed. Do not stop imagining and participating in the theater of your mind.



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