We saw their faces

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There was an amazing article online from cbs news. The article shed some light on the current Syrian food crisis. The article interviews Matthew Hollingworth. Matthew heads the World Food Programme mission inside Syria.
There is this section of the article where, Matthew describes being shelled and attacked while trying not o relive aid to some Syrians. At this point in the interview the host asked Matthew why he continued to give aid and not just urn around.

Matthew Hollingworth: We’d seen the faces of the people who were asking us to help them, asking United Nations to help them in their time of crisis, which is why we’re here. So we again negotiated with all the sides to this time obey the ceasefire, to respect the ceasefire. And we went in the following day and the next day and the next day, and the rest is history.

“Nobody in this world, no matter who he is, deserves to die from hunger.”

Matthew and all the aid workers were heroes. When Matthew mentions looking into the faces of the hungry the emotion that is being used is sympathy.
feelings of pity and sorrow for someone else’s misfortune.
“they had great sympathy for the flood victims”
synonyms: compassion, caring, concern, solicitude, empathy; More
antonyms: indifference
the formal expression of pity or sorrow for someone else’s misfortune; condolences.
plural noun: sympathies; plural noun: one’s sympathies
“all Tony’s friends joined in sending their sympathies to his widow Jean”

We we all most likely experience sympathy for someone at sometime but unless we act on this emotion people may starve. What I find to be the most sad part of starvation is that, the problem is not with food production. The world produces more food than what is needed for the population. The biggest problem is one with getting food where it is needed. Handing out food and money and basically putting sympathy to work.
I want to challenge all humanity to act on our sympathies.

The war against hunger is truly mankind’s war of liberation.”
– John F. Kennedy



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