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Yesterday I tweeted. I tweeted twice.
@john_corrigan: Inequality + jealousy = capitalist

@john_corrigan: Inequality + jealousy + hunger = revolutionary

Do you agree with the tweets? The thing about jealousy and envy is that it happens and science is showing us more and more evidence that it happens in all species. Some would say that it is an imperative for a species survival.
With jealousy a man will see a warm bird be jealous an create a down feather jacket. I am not going to rewrite my tweets I did it twice but if I were I would change the first to: jealousy + inequality + opportunities = capitalist. I excluded the term opportunities because I truly believe that opportunities are intrinsic to being human. The thing is sometimes our opportunities can be hidden.

“Opportunity is often difficult to recognize; we usually expect it to beckon us with beepers and billboards.” ~William Arthur Ward

Jumping at several small opportunities may get us there more quickly than waiting for one big one to come along. ~Hugh Allen

“Opportunity is as scarce as oxygen; men fairly breathe it and do not know it.” ~Doc Sane

I agree with Doc Sane however it seems at times some of us need help with finding opportunities. I would like to encourage you to channel your jealousy to hep yourself and then help others. With this philosophy I. Ant help but think the human race will accomplish some amazing things.
What do you think?


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