One matters

Posted: December 12, 2014 in Uncategorized

The news is dominated with what has been dubbed “The Torture Report”. The report outlines investigations into the treatment of prisoners by the CIA with enhanced interstate on techniques. Listening and reading the report I felt like, at the high level the CIA had some safeguards in place and made efforts to create policies for interrogations that were not torture but would get results. To me it seemed as if the interrogators themselves often interpreted or did not consider policy and engaged in some awful acts.
I can’t help but feel as though an in the CIA program could have exercised their right to interrogate but not torture. I am a fan of individual rights and responsibilities. Now I may not be as big a fan as say Ayn Rand in that, I feel the collective also has the responsibility to enforce that individuals adhere to policies. I hope that the government will prosecute the individuals who violated policies as they did in Abu grahib.
I truly believe that an individual’s actions or inactions can make a difference. Being the holiday season I cannot help but think about the changes the life of Jesus Christ brought about. Now I understand that the existence of Jesus Christ is not for everyone unequivocal but his philosophy is. The one of compassion forgiveness acceptance and sacrificial love.
So I will wait and see about the authorities and as for me I hope I can act in compassion employ forgiveness and of course live.


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