Regan is rolling over

Posted: December 18, 2014 in Uncategorized

Ronald Regan worked hard to fight terrorism. Reading the transcript for a radio address made by the president makes his stance on terrorism clear. A big take away I had from the presidents message was that when the terrorists cause citizens who have freedom to act as though they are without freedom through fear than the country who protects its citizens has failed in the war on terror.
This Christmas I had big plans. I was going to watch my kids open their gifts give out hugs and kisses, watch my girlfriend open her gift then join my girlfriend in watching a movie called “The Interview“. The movie is a comedy created by Sony and starring Seth Rogen and James Franco. Franco and Rogens characters land an interview with the leader of North Korea. The CIA in the movie recruit the duo to assassinate the leader. Just recently Sony was hacked. Hackers got a whole lot of Sony information. A whole lot! The same hackers have threatened Sony and the United States if the movie premiere on Christmas is not cancelled. The theater chain hosting the premiere succumbed to the hackers will. The premiere has been canceled. So now I must change my plans and Ronald Regan is rolling over in his grave.
I have seen the torture report on the CIA for their actions with the war on terror and while the war on terror has been long and scrutinized until this cancellation it felt like the terrorists were not winning. I still feel that relatively speaking terrorists are not winning but the symbolism of this cancellation is not lost on me. My hope is that one day everyone will not only be free to watch movies but also safe to watch movies


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