They will be back??

Posted: December 19, 2014 in Uncategorized

The umbrella revolution was broken up. It’s over but not the way Tiananmen squares protest was. There was tear gas and soldiers and barricades but no tanks or forced movement. The students made their point then left. No changes in government our commercial entities in Hong Kong but now maybe the ruling class understands that the rest of Hong Kong wants a voice and if they don’t get this voice they, the non ruling class can and will bring the city to a halt.
So was the Umbrella Revolution a success? Maybe not but it did demonstrate how power really works. The ruling class seems to often time, assume that their power is intrinsic to their position in government or finance but see it is not. The ruling class only has the power that has been conceded by everyone else.
The demonstration is over in Hong Kong but I cannot help but think that the revolution is just getting started.




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