It is not half empty or half full

Posted: December 23, 2014 in Uncategorized

So one of my favorite radio shows, “This American Life”, did a show about a car dealership and its rush to “make its numbers”. As part of the show some of the radio guys interviewed the sales men on the floor. The interviews were, ( as they always are with “This American Life”) very interesting. The two interviews I found most interesting were ones with the most senior sales associate and one with the most successful sales associate.
The most senior sales associate let the interviewer now that the book ” The Art of War” had all the secrets to successful selling. The guy was a great sales associate, I mean I bought the book the next day.
The most successful sales associate really said something that resonated with what seems the interviewer as well as my self. He said, that when people look at a cup they see it as half full or half empty he sees it as full. The interviewer called this unrealistic optimism. The interviewer felt it was this perspective that made this guy so successful.
I cannot help but think that this perspective can make all of us successful. And while un realistic he isn’t wrong. I mean a cup here on earth is full it is half water half air. See? An unrealistic perspective is not always wrong. Do yourself and everyone else a favor and embrace unrealistic optimism. Of course apply it with logic and reason and make sure that it is good for you and everyone else.

“To be doing good deeds is man’s most glorious task.”




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