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Listen to

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“Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain
Telling me just what a fool I’ve been
I wish that it would go and let me cry in vain
And let me be alone again
The only girl I care about has gone away
Looking for a brand new start
But little does she know” -the Cascades

It is A beautiful song that tells about a sad man who lost his love. What I like most about the song is really that first line “listen to the rhythm of the falling rain.”

When I was younger I watched a wonderful movie starring Bruce Willis. Bruce played the Hero, for which the movie was named. “Hudson Hawk, was a smooth art and jewel thief. If you haven’t seen the movie and have some spare time this weekend do yourself a favor and watch it. The movie is not on Netflix but I do think it is on Hulu +. in the movie We join Hudson right after he is paroled from prison his partner and him are working on a new caper and there is some wonderful dialogue between the two in which, they discuss the length of some songs.
See as a thief Hudson must have impeccable timing. He uses music to develop his timing.
I love music and feel like life is all about music. If you are still, vigilant, grateful and restful of life you can hear the music. A harmony and melody. Sometimes it is a sweet falling rain and at other times it can be the cacophony of a tsunami. No matter the tempo it is always there.
The happy man or woman is the one who is most “in tune” with the music of life. Let’s all do ourselves a favor today and “listen to the rhythm”



The best teacher

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Who was my best teacher? That’s a tough one I have learned so much from so many people and still do. If I were to go all philosophical on you and would type something like; “experience, has been my greatest teacher”, but that would not be true. Let me tell you why that’s not true.
I have experienced some pretty painful things over and over again. Let me rephrase that I have experienced some pretty painful things, that were due to my actions and inactions over and over again. Why have I done this? Isn’t it clear? I am an idiot. No, I do not suffer from self loathing and I am not an idiot I simply did not learn from my experiences.
“Experience is not the best teacher. It is the analysis of the experience.” – Robert Hughes (John3c’s English professor). Dr. Hughes is an amazing professor. He taught me about semantics and rhetoric. It was a discussion on semantics that brought up the earlier quote and he was right.
I do not need to experience an addiction to crack to learn that the r o i on a crack addiction is low. I can learn from analyzing other people’s experiences that’s a crack addiction has devastating effects pigouvian and direct.
It is so important to learn, analysis and savor all experiences, ours or others.
I can’t really pin down a definition for life but in an effort to define life I have to think that, this analysis and savoring of experience has something to do with living.



It is harder

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“I’m going over there because it’s harder to hate up close.” – George W Bush. Chris Christie loves to tell the story about when George Bush meet Chris Christie right before George Bush was to go to his meeting with a New York Times editor. Chris Christie mentions that he was surprised at this meeting. He didn’t understand why the president would meet Wednesday the editor. He says, that he asks why the president would visit with someone who hates him. Enter our headline quote

“I’m going over there because it’s harder to hate up close.” – George W Bush

For anyone unaware Chris Christie is the republican governor of the democratic state of New Jersey. Chris Christie is passionate and has upset many people however he has gotten a lot done for the state of New Jersey. He says he was able to accomplish what he has through personal business relationships. He makes it a point to get to know people because of what George W Bush said.
It can become easy to demonize a person especially when we disagree with their ideals, politics or religion but, I can’t help but think if, we got to know everyone it would be a lot harder to hate them.
What do you think?


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Bill Nye is someone I admire. Bill Nye the science guy has done a great thing. The science guy has worked and succeeded to get kids interested in and learning about science. Why is scienceVal important? I am so glad you asked, science is important because, human survival will rely on application of science through engineering solutions. I can make that bold statement , concerning the importance o science with the recorded history of the world on my side. It was the agricultural science of the Egyptians that utilized irrigation to give higher corp yields and support larger civilizations. It was the electric lighting that gave men and women longer days to do more work in a cleaner manner, than say burning coal. Science really matters a lot. Of course there are some people who, have (and this is pure insanity to me) argued against science. The basis for this argument can be many things (which is why I chalk it up to insanity). Some evidence the insane people point to would be failed science projects like, pons fission, a static universe and the blank state. I could fill this page with failed science projects or experiments however fear of failure should never stop progress.
The good thing about science is that through projects and experiments proof is obtained and solutions are developed so, bad science doesn’t last.
Now, there are two reasons I admire Bill Nye, first there is his work with the youth and science and second, is his new book “Undeniable”. Disclaimer up front I have just purchased this book and am not even half way through it., however I love it so far. The book is about evolution and the science of creation. Let me say that his, evolution by natural selection is a fact and is still happening now. The fact that this is debated at all makes me ashamed of our society.
Finally I admire Bill Nye because of a debate he had with Ken Hamm. Ken Hamm operates a “museum” in Kentucky named “The Creation Museum” . I used quotation marks for the word museum because the “museum” has no artifacts in it. The museum is dedicated to displaying exhibits that “prove” life was “created” and that evolution is not true. I have serious problems with this. Ken and Bill debated evolution versus creation even though the debate should not happen, evolution is a way of creation. Bill was respectful and the overall winner of the debate. He even acknowledged at the debates end that, if he were presented with evidence contrary to the science of evolution through natural selection he would change his view. This is the flexibility that has to be used for any approach in our lives. We have to be ready to accept the truth and in this case Bill Nye is. So seek the truth accept it and spread it. Do yourself a favor and buy “Undeniable“.



Every problem…

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I got new socks yesterday! My girlfriend bought me a few pair of very cool new socks. I love every pair of socks she bought me. This morning I put on a pair of the new socks. The socks I put on look awesome! The socks have math equations stenciled on gray on a black background. How cool is that? I am not great at math, truth be told I think my girlfriend is better at math than I am but I love math.
Crazy right? Why do I love math? Well, like I mentioned before, my love for math does not come from any praxis possessed by me but l, I believe it comes from a more philosophical place.
As a child and an adult I have always been fascinated with magic. I loved David copperfield, Chris Angel, Sigfried and Roy. The way the magicians would do the unthinkable and the patter the employed has always been captivating. Even when, I realized that magic was merely illusions I was and still am captivated. I think the realization that magic is not “real” only whet my appetite for magic.
I like magic and math because, these subjects make the impossible possible.

“The most important thing we can do is inspire young minds and to advance the kind of science, math and technology education that will help youngsters take us to the next phase of space travel.”

John Glenn

Life is full of problems, of all sizes, the great thing about math is all problems can be solved and that comforts me. I can’t help but think life works the same way. The thing is right now I can’t solve all my math problems but, with time, effort and some help I will solve every math problem I come across.
In life I hope and choose to believe that, the same remains true.



Who are you

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This week in the United States the president of the United States let everyone know that the state of the Union was good, but we live in a time when economic inequality is the highest it has ever been in the history of the world.
Economic inequality equals hardship and hard times. Hard times make live tough. The considerations of the poor are some of the hardest to make. When we are hungry it can be easy to loose some scruples. Survival can make a man or woman shed some morals that were truly pretense and not sincere. It is in man and woman’s extremes that we see who they are.
Who are you? Think back to your struggle. What did you do? What rules did you keep or break?
Do you like who you are? If not take heart, struggle is intrinsic to being human and you will have the chance to be who you want to be.

When we are done with the music

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“When we’re done with it, we don’t care what happens to it.” Jerry Garcia

That quote was an answer to a question in an interview, with the Grateful Dead frontman and founder Jerry Garcia. Wether or not you are a fan the success and longevity of the Dead is undeniable. They have shaped American and world culture in a major way since the 60’s. This year in Chicago the Dead will play 4 shows.
The Dead fans, usually called Dead heads, have described tours and concerts with the Dead as an experience on religious and existential levels. Dead heads have also taped many of the concerts. This is wonderful because of, the high level of improv employed by the Dead while on tour. No two shows were ever the same. In a day when it seems as though homogeny and greed are at an all time high the areas are refreshing and Jerrys words in the interview about letting the fans tape and have the music make my heart feel all warm.
I am sick of hearing about all the anti piracy campaigns by millionaire artists. I wish they would learn from the greats like Jerry about what it means to be an artist and part of a community.