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Reason has a voice. Sometimes in confusion, panic and even the mundane the voice of reason can be hard to recognize, hear and especially hard to follow. Last year I read heard and watched, grown men and women, complain about the United States of America not issuing a travel ban for entire countries into the United States of America.
Do you remember this cry? Let me refresh your memory.

“The first case of Ebola diagnosed within the U.S. is prompting calls for heavy travel restrictions between the U.S. and those West African countries hardest hit by the outbreak — and one advocate is even warning against the possibility of “Ebola tourism” by patients seeking better care here”

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That segment is the first paragraph of an October issue from the Washington Times paper! The article points out one senator in particular requesting the ban on visas. I could find no evidence for any travel ban in the history of the United States. Besides being unprecedented it was unneeded. The voice of reason in form of doctors nurses and all types of medical practitioners tried to inform the public and senators but they would not hear, recognize or follow. The media and senators continued to cry for this violation of people’s rights to happen in the name of public safety.
So why couldn’t they hear the voice of reason?
They were consumed with their own political agendas and safety. Reason is the power of the mind to think, understand, and form judgments by a process of logic.
Reason is, what is right, practical, or possible; common sense.
When we are consumed with any one thing other than reason we risk not hearing reason.

Why did the senators and media not recognize reason?
Because they were confused on what is good or better put greater good. See it is good to advance your political career but at what cost. The rights of an entire nation? Travel is a right too.
Finally why did the senators not follow the voice of reason?
Well, besides not recognizing the senators and media failed to consider common sense. Men and women the entire human species move explore. We travel it is almost intrinsic. To stop travel is to stop progress and makes poor common sense.
I hope in 2015 there will be a much more concentrated effort to find and follow the voice of reason. Let common sense reign in 2015. Even if our leaders do not you and I can. Let’s not get swept up in the nonsense this year lets do as much good as we can and see great things happen!



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