Help, learn, build, repeat

Posted: January 7, 2015 in Uncategorized

The United States economy emerged from recession in June 2009. It was until 2011 that the majority of working class Americans realized this, because that was when the jobs started coming back and now…
The GDP for the United States of America is at an all time high. It looks as though the recession may be over. Oil prices have dropped and production numbers have risen. How did this climb back happen? The politician may point to some policies put in place by his or her political party, but I feel like true recovery happens from recession more so, in spite of political policies than because of. For more politics should work to protect and enable through opportunity not as a provider of prosperity.
It seems that when we look at the history of almost every nations economy despite the style of government a trend appears. When the economy goes into recession the population employs en masse a concerted compassionate outreach. This is the help.
After the help people look for a reason behind why they are in the situation they are in. They go to university and attend seminars rally’s and they learn.
Finally we see through learning the inception and development pf new industries. Different methods to solve the worlds problems.
I know it seems simplistic and it is truly much more complicated but at any systems heart we will find these core concepts. It. Can be very confusing because you as part of a system may find yourself doing all three things at the same time but tat is what keeps the wheels moving.
Helping, learning and building.
I for one love all three of these actions and will try to look for an opportunity to participate in them today.


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