I missed it

Posted: January 9, 2015 in Uncategorized

Yesterday, I was upset about the attack on Charlie Hebdo, today I am still upset. Yesterday the attack weighed heavy on my mind, so I wrote about it in this blog.
Had there not been an attack yesterday’s blog would have most likely been a big happy birthday to Elvis Presley.
Yeah, yesterday was the birthday of the King. Elvis, I could fill this page with reasons yesterday should be celebrated by every citizen of the world but I will not what I would like to focus on is one reason that Elvis is so loved.
Respect. Elvis had respect in spades! His career and life is full of examples of his respect for his mother, country and religion. Of course Elvis was a sex figure which puts r the notion of religious respect in a perilous position, Elvis always showed respect for his mother and when Elvis served his time after being drafted by the U S army he earned the respect of an older age group. Elvis could have easily “dodged” the draft. Military service is dangerous, hard and at times lonely, but Elvis didn’t he served his enlistment just like everyone else.
Let’s all learn from Elvis respect our mothers country and God. Happy belated birthday Elvis


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