I never thought of it that way

Posted: January 13, 2015 in Uncategorized

I promised, when this blog started that I would not blog about sports. I have done my best to keep that promise. I love sports watching playing reading and learning about them but a promise is a promise so I will do my best to keep it.

Another passion of mine and a favorite pastime are movies. I love movies. I must have seen a million movies. one of my favorite movies is “The Mighty Ducks”. Love the Mighty Ducks. The movie is a Disney property starring Emilio Estevez and a very young Joshua Jackson. Emilio Estevez plays an attorney who was once a youth ice hockey star, who became disillusioned about sports and obsessed with winning in court. After a DUI a judge forces him to coach a little league ice hockey team from the inner city.

The team leader is played by Joshua Jackson. There is a scene with an amazing dialogue. Emilio or Gordon,  explains to Joshua or Charlie why he no longer plays Ice Hockey:



Gordon Bombay:
A quarter of an inch, Charlie.

Charlie Conway:                  
Yeah, but a quarter inch the other way
and you’d have missed completely


Gordon Bombay:
I never thought of it that way.

Charlie Conway:
At least you got to play
in a championship game  That must’ve been so cool.

Interesting right? A lot of,  how we experience life,  depends on, our perspective. With an attitude of gratitude, compaasion and optimism, there is nothing we cannot do. On the flip side resentment, entitlement  and pessimism usually do not help us succeded and the success at the hands of resentment and pessimism usaully leave the receiver wanting more and unsatiated.

I think there is much to be said for the Budhist principles of detachment and compassion on the way to enlightenment.




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