When we are done with the music

Posted: January 22, 2015 in Uncategorized

“When we’re done with it, we don’t care what happens to it.” Jerry Garcia

That quote was an answer to a question in an interview, with the Grateful Dead frontman and founder Jerry Garcia. Wether or not you are a fan the success and longevity of the Dead is undeniable. They have shaped American and world culture in a major way since the 60’s. This year in Chicago the Dead will play 4 shows.
The Dead fans, usually called Dead heads, have described tours and concerts with the Dead as an experience on religious and existential levels. Dead heads have also taped many of the concerts. This is wonderful because of, the high level of improv employed by the Dead while on tour. No two shows were ever the same. In a day when it seems as though homogeny and greed are at an all time high the areas are refreshing and Jerrys words in the interview about letting the fans tape and have the music make my heart feel all warm.
I am sick of hearing about all the anti piracy campaigns by millionaire artists. I wish they would learn from the greats like Jerry about what it means to be an artist and part of a community.


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