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Bill Nye is someone I admire. Bill Nye the science guy has done a great thing. The science guy has worked and succeeded to get kids interested in and learning about science. Why is scienceVal important? I am so glad you asked, science is important because, human survival will rely on application of science through engineering solutions. I can make that bold statement , concerning the importance o science with the recorded history of the world on my side. It was the agricultural science of the Egyptians that utilized irrigation to give higher corp yields and support larger civilizations. It was the electric lighting that gave men and women longer days to do more work in a cleaner manner, than say burning coal. Science really matters a lot. Of course there are some people who, have (and this is pure insanity to me) argued against science. The basis for this argument can be many things (which is why I chalk it up to insanity). Some evidence the insane people point to would be failed science projects like, pons fission, a static universe and the blank state. I could fill this page with failed science projects or experiments however fear of failure should never stop progress.
The good thing about science is that through projects and experiments proof is obtained and solutions are developed so, bad science doesn’t last.
Now, there are two reasons I admire Bill Nye, first there is his work with the youth and science and second, is his new book “Undeniable”. Disclaimer up front I have just purchased this book and am not even half way through it., however I love it so far. The book is about evolution and the science of creation. Let me say that his, evolution by natural selection is a fact and is still happening now. The fact that this is debated at all makes me ashamed of our society.
Finally I admire Bill Nye because of a debate he had with Ken Hamm. Ken Hamm operates a “museum” in Kentucky named “The Creation Museum” . I used quotation marks for the word museum because the “museum” has no artifacts in it. The museum is dedicated to displaying exhibits that “prove” life was “created” and that evolution is not true. I have serious problems with this. Ken and Bill debated evolution versus creation even though the debate should not happen, evolution is a way of creation. Bill was respectful and the overall winner of the debate. He even acknowledged at the debates end that, if he were presented with evidence contrary to the science of evolution through natural selection he would change his view. This is the flexibility that has to be used for any approach in our lives. We have to be ready to accept the truth and in this case Bill Nye is. So seek the truth accept it and spread it. Do yourself a favor and buy “Undeniable“.




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