The best teacher

Posted: January 29, 2015 in Uncategorized

Who was my best teacher? That’s a tough one I have learned so much from so many people and still do. If I were to go all philosophical on you and would type something like; “experience, has been my greatest teacher”, but that would not be true. Let me tell you why that’s not true.
I have experienced some pretty painful things over and over again. Let me rephrase that I have experienced some pretty painful things, that were due to my actions and inactions over and over again. Why have I done this? Isn’t it clear? I am an idiot. No, I do not suffer from self loathing and I am not an idiot I simply did not learn from my experiences.
“Experience is not the best teacher. It is the analysis of the experience.” – Robert Hughes (John3c’s English professor). Dr. Hughes is an amazing professor. He taught me about semantics and rhetoric. It was a discussion on semantics that brought up the earlier quote and he was right.
I do not need to experience an addiction to crack to learn that the r o i on a crack addiction is low. I can learn from analyzing other people’s experiences that’s a crack addiction has devastating effects pigouvian and direct.
It is so important to learn, analysis and savor all experiences, ours or others.
I can’t really pin down a definition for life but in an effort to define life I have to think that, this analysis and savoring of experience has something to do with living.




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