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Why it helps and what it is

Posted: February 27, 2015 in Uncategorized

It helps because, it relates lasting emotional control. It helps because, it cultivates compassion.  It helps because, it changes our brain structure. It helps because, it reduces pain. It helps because,  it accelerates cognition.

When I was younger I worked for a summer loading and unloading an ice truck. The driver I worked with was a fan of the popular idiom “work smarter not harder” looking at that phrase now, I wonder is that an idiom? Hmm maybe just phrase would be a phrase but the phrase needs all the elements and context to make sense, therefore yes let’s call it an idiom. It was through this idiom that I, learned the power of thinking. 

Deep thinking or meditation is powerful. Deep thinking does everything mentioned in this posts first paragraph, however it does not seem to be utilized. I often make snap judgements and carry out some pretty awful events for lack of deep thinking or meditation. I am not alone in this. Why do we not engage and participate in deep thinking? Well I feel like deep thinking or meditation required two important things. The two things required for meditation are, patience and humility. 

Meditation takes time, quiet time, focused time, concentration and focus. When we become slaves to a busy schedule we loose time. My mom carves out her morning for prayer and meditation I would encourage you to do the same. Save a part of your day for simply focused thinking, this process will be very beneficial, I mean you read the first paragraph right? 

Second thing about meditation is that it requires humility. Our ideas are ours. We people tend to cling to our ideas and reject anything contrary to these ideas. Meditation can often force us to see the folly of our ideas because of the ideas impracticality or simply because the idea is wrong. Through meditation we can refine our ideas and ourselves but we must check our egos at the door.  

Humility is the true key to success. Successful people lose their way at times. They often embrace and overindulge from the fruits of success. Humility halts this arrogance and self-indulging trap. Humble people share the credit and wealth, remaining focused and hungry to continue the journey of success.

Rick Pitino

Lets take time think deep and be better people 


Just a number on a piece of paper

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Sometimes I hear news or read stories about events and they just, strike a chord. Sometimes it is more than one story but a group of stories about a news subject that strike a chord. Truth be told the stories so more than just that, they prick my heart. I wish I could say that after every heart prick I am compelled to action but I am not.
The most recent subject in the news that has truly hit home for me is immigration in the United States. I have heard stories about the plight of the immigrant for years, but it was this morning when I heard a man on the radio say that the immigrant was not illegal but merely undocumented when, it hit me. Because of something as trivial as paperwork, the authorities in this country have made people’s lives an anxiety filled, razor blade existence. A family without the proper paperwork will avoid seeking medical and legal help because, the fear that they may be evicted from their home and country (yes I said country a person who crosses the border or ocean to get here and is a good citizen has just as much a right to claim this as their country as one who is born here). The reason for the eviction, not a failure to pay rent or being a malevolent actor in the union but, having the wrong or not having paperwork at all.
The idea that a person is not part of a community because they lack paperwork, turns my stomach. The fact that millions of immigrants are imprisoned and then deported is awful, what makes it worse is the high rate of children among the millions. The actual of this imprisonment and deportation makes me want a o do something but, I am not a law maker or enforcer, so what can I do? Well I can log in to, and learn discuss and take action. The actions are small like, send email or letter to my legislators but

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Margaret Mead

The emails and letters are good but, I feel like the best way to help would be through respect given to people who are undocumented. I will do my best to show respect in my interactions with people living in this situation, and my discussions about the issues. I think a huge sign of respect would be to avoid the labeling of people with the term illegal.
The thing is, immigration is a big complicated issue but showing someone respect isn’t and I am going to try and do that despite what paperwork says.


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As I sit in this waiting room typing on this iPad waiting for my girlfriend to finish her appointment, I have to confess that I am typing in an almost uninspired state. I type almost, because I am inspired, just not as much as I usually am every morning that I type. Usually when I type in this blog I feel fired up and compassionate about the opinion I put into written form, but today the raucous type will not be crafted from an inspired place.

When I first started this blog I did it with a goal in mind. I was involved in a contest with my buddy Cassie. I won the contest (of course all I do is win win win), and after the contest was over I couldn’t stop myself. I had things to say about, everything. I still have things to say. Today I am really interested in goals.

There was an interesting article about goals and a person who abandoned goals. He points out how liberating it is for him.

I think goals and inspiration are useful tools that I am not ready to abandon just yet. While they are useful tools they are tools. I think it is paramount to remember that our goals should never stop us from living in the present.

So I will not worry about my lack of passion now, because while I do not have passion this morning for something in life’s everyday or the news. I am passionate about right now. This moment I am feeling, living and loving all of it. The anxiety, fear, hope. I am doing my best to allow my senses and emotions to write to my psyche and shape me.

Think about how much more you will enjoy today, not through abandoning goals or inspiration but by making living right now our goal and allowing all of life, from the sensual to the spiritual inspire you.

Today could really rock!



Business can be complicated, I know this because my girlfriend is taking some business courses online and I have willingly and graciously, become he sounding board for essays and treatments concerning all sorts of business models throughout time. Seriously, I love listening and helping her with this subject but, it can be complicated. Gone are the days were a person has an idea builds his own prototype and starts his own manufacturing and supply chain. Business is compartmentalized and connected at the same time, it is this strange balance that, when perfected creates an efficient and profitable model.
The globalization of modern businesses has made an environment in which many companies compartmentalization takes place at an international level. The company a Apple, of whom I am a huge fan has a factory that is a major part of their supply chain. The company who is actually a partner of Apple is FoxConn. The FoxConn factory builds the extremely popular and awesome I Pads as well as other cool Apple products.
An investigation brought to light that, the Foxconn factory has violated many workers rights. When faced with the reality of their partners working conditions Apple took responsibility and put pressure on the partner to adhere to a code of conduct for the factories treatment of employees. It has been 3 years since the investigation progress has been slow and hard but Apple Is not quitting. You can go to the apple website and see the progress and promises.
Many of Apple and China’s (China is where the Foxconn factory is located) have been critical to the rate of Foxconn and Apples progress. I, speaking as an Apple fan, would like to remind them that the United States of America did not change its labor laws to protect children until the Great Depression forced the governments hand. In 1938 because of the Great Depression many adults needed the jobs of children and Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed into law the Fair Labor Standards Act. It was during this progressive era that the public schools were really boosted up too. Children were looked at as more than merely more help in the workplace. A cultural change happened! I would also be remiss if I failed to point out that to this day in the United States the federal labor laws do a very poor job protecting children from labor in agriculture. In the United States there are state actions to protect youth from dangerous labor on the farm but many children still are wounded and die working in agriculture. There are changes happening but it is taking time.
As in China with Foxconn the United States has much growing to do.
The idea of agriculture in the UnitedStates has been romanticized and I think that is part of the push back concerning children’s rights in agriculture labor. The activists working to protect children have to be pushy yet patient in breaking through this facade of bucolic fantasy concerning children put in danger and killed in the name of profit.
Often a person can fin themselves in a situation where, they are working against culture and ideology. If you are right, and protection of our children as well as respect for human rights is right, you will triumph, but it may take a lifetime of tireless service and a Great Depression to get there.

“It does not take a majority to prevail… but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.”

Samuel Adams

Keep your heads up, never quit, be patient and always do good.




Don’t forget about

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On my iPhone there is a symbol on my keyboard. The symbol is a microphone. Apple calls it the microphone key. On the apple website they sell the key as a way to say what you want and have Siri write it down for you. This works well. I love using this option when I, have only one hand available. The option works well but it is not perfect. I have had to delete and repeat because of some, misunderstandings between Siri and I. See, not only will Siri write things down for you, she will also spell check and correct things for you. So with Siris help I have sent some odd texts, weird tweets and totally funky Facebook status. What is the plural for status? (Hang on let me ask Siri). (Looks like I could have used the word statuses, oh well sentence is typed now)
I see some instances where, people have taken the time to correct the grammar in; Facebook statuses, tweets and text messages. The correction is sometimes accompanied with a comment about, the importance of proper grammar. To these language police, I must point to he catalogue of the amazing e e Cummings. I love his poems! The man was a genius. I wonder if e e were posting online, would people correct the genius?
Of course grammar matters but, isn’t it more important when writing to properly convey an idea?
Of course, for those of us who, are not e e good grammar helps convey ideas through writing. However I would like to remind the language police, before becoming judgmental and pedantic, in their enforcement of APA standards, that sometimes Siri is a foe not friend. It can be easy to pass judgement on others, but it is never easy to be a good judge. Good judges do their homework. Good judges know things about their subjects of judgement. The know how text is bring written. Good judges never forget about Siri.
Being a good judge seems tough. Too tough for me. I am going to try my best to avoid judgement and when it is forced, I hope I will do the judging well and not forget about Siri or spell check.



No good guys

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A book named “Red Notice: A true story of high finance, murder and one man’s fight for justice”, was featured on my one of my favorite podcasts Thursday morning. Guess what made it to my list of books to read? Yes “The Cat in the Hat” and of course “Red Notice”. The author was the one who was being interviewed on the podcast, his name is Bill Browder. Bill is an American financier who went East to Moscow when communism collapsed and ran a successful investment company. His company was at the top of the world until it exposed the crooked ways of Putin and his cronies. Shortly after that things fell apart. During the podcast Bill mentions how he hired an attorney to help expose the crooked police officers who stole from him as well as the Russian government. Bill and his attorney even brought charges against the police.
The author expressed hope. He speaks of how the “good guys” will, know about the corruption but, he quickly realizes that, there were no good guys. I want to spoil the end and tell you what happened but, I will not.
Sometimes it seems as though there are no good guys. The thing about the absence of food is that, it is only true if you allow it to be true.

Just don’t get lost in them

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The weeds. They are all over. Fields get overgrown with them and they can choke the life out of crops and other plants. I found a wonderful blog. The author mentions that, we should give weeds a break. I don’t completely disagree I love seeing dandelions on the side of the highway or in am empty field however, I would never let a weed kill my crop.
That is the balancing act isn’t it? At work in life, we have goals and accomplishments and a bunch of weeds. It can become easy to get distracted and engage in digression. Some distractions are wonderful yellow dandelions, worth some of our time. So the expression is

“don’t get lost in the weeds”
There is nothing wrong with going through and admiring the weeds but, we have to keep our heads up wits about us and be aware. What are you here for? Probably not the weeds…