Life is not pretty but,

Posted: February 2, 2015 in Uncategorized

It is extraordinarily beautiful! That quote came from ok a mother who was a county corner and when her daughter was a young age she had no issue with letting her daughter know what, her mother did at work. When, the mother was asked why she said that she felt that her honest candor with her daughter helped demonstrate, this posts title philosophy.
I consider myself young but in my short life I have seen and experienced some truths that reinforce this philosophy. Life is not pretty, it is messy. Life is tough, it is not for the weak and requires a spirit that is full of unrealistic optimists in and un relenting resolution. We have to always shoot for the stars and never give up. When we are doing this we are living and we can see past the facade that humankind has called life and then see true beauty.true beauty is something like child birth, legacy hand off, seeing someone help a child even when they are dirty this is extraordinary beauty and this is life.

“Why the hell are we conditioned into the smooth strawberry-and-cream Mother-Goose-world, Alice-in-Wonderland fable, only to be broken on the wheel as we grow older and become aware of ourselves as individuals with a dull responsibility in life?” — Sylvia Plath

“These bruises make for better conversation
Loses the vibe that separates
It’s good to let you in again
You’re not alone in how you’ve been
Everybody loses, we all got bruises
We all got bruises”
— Train Bruises



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