From the bottom

Posted: February 4, 2015 in Uncategorized

Today’s posts title comes from an interview with Jang Jin-sung. He’s the author of Dear Leader: Poet, Spy, Escapee—A Look Inside North Korea. The author was asked two things first, were the people of North Korea oppressed and the answer, was yes. Second, what did he think the best way to help the country get out of this oppression. The author then told the interviewer that an escape from the regime had to start from the bottom.
The author went onto explain that even though the people see the leader of Nortg Korea as a god a bigger God is the dollar and the power of capitalism. From the bottom the people will embrace free markets and when they do all the nuclear warheads in the world cannot stop a population from earning a living with which they can control their own destiny.
To be able to purchase food to feed your family and buy me define to keep your kids from getting ill this is how the awful dictator Kim Jong Un will be defeated. He does not through his malevolent leadership empower and educate his people. The “Supreme Leader” (I have some other names for him not appropriate for younger ears) keeps his people ignorant, hungry and in the dark.
Today there are many organizations and many leaders. A good leader will educate and empower. A good leader will address questions from their charges with real answers and not platitudes like, “have faith”. Today you may find yourself in an organization with bad leadership, I encourage you change it! If you cannot get out. Tomorrow you will be a leader and I encourage you to lift all your charges up with respect for them.




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