When your belief affects me

Posted: February 5, 2015 in Uncategorized

When your belief compels you to feed the hungry, clothe the impoverished or house the destitute your belief affects the feed, clothed and home in a positive way. When Men and have full stomachs, warm clothes and places to live they gain as externalities, things like self esteem, hope and respect from peers. A man or woman with hope, self esteem and respect, can and usually does great things for society. I could fill this whole post with successfully men and women who started with nothing but I will not.
I am not sure if you have seen it on the news, but just recently a disease that was nearly eradicated has been making a comeback in the United States of America. Yes, measles is back. In California 99 citizens have contracted this disease. State and federal officials are looking into removing the religious exemption which allows parents to “opt out” of getting their child vaccinated before attending school.
I want you reader to brace yourself, for some crazy news. For many years, many religions have protested vaccinations. The ideology behind being “anti vaccine” is ill logical and dangerous, this ideology requires blind faith. Blind faith that is not concerned with consequence of actions.
When someone is not vaccinated they harm themselves as well as all others in their community. Being unvaccinated is a danger to society. When, your religion causes a direct danger your religion is wrong. More than likely the entire religion is not wrong, but just this part. A religion should never hurt only help. Not getting vaccinated is a big huge hurt for everyone.
No matter what your religion, shouldn’t our mantra be something like “do nothing but good”?





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