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Posted: February 11, 2015 in Uncategorized

I hope I have made it clear in this blog, my conversation and all other communications I have engaged in that, I know education is fundamental to, a person, society and species survival. To thrive you must know and understand everything. I hope I never stop learning. I try my best to learn something new everyday. One reason I love living in the United States has to be the nations education system. Know I can imagine what you are thinking, and honestly , the education system here is pretty robust. I have an app on my phone that teaches me for free how to write computer code. Earlier this year I listened to a podcast that, taught me a lot about the Milky Way Galaxy. The United States has been a bastion for the intellectual. Defected scientist from oppressive nations have thrived here influenced younger generations and made the world better.
In the United States and throughout the world meteorologist measure test and predict weather patterns. Using the scientific method and principles developed with the scientific method meteorologists have helped farmers plan around drought and other weather conditions. With proper planning farmers do not see significant crop loss and the people of the year role do not starve. In 1996 the Taliban closed the Afghanistan meteorological association, fired employees and destroyed equipment. The Taliban ruled that meteorology was sorcery and a sin. Family mets suffered and an airliner crashed. The farmers low yield as well as the airline crash could have been avoided. Before the Taliban invasion Afghanistan had one of the most advanced meteorological associations in the world. Now that, the Taliban is no longer in power the association is recovering. When hearing the news, about this tragedy, I immediately think, this could never happen in the United States.
The other day, while browsing the net I came across a story about a U.S. Senator named Mike Fair. The senator launched a short lived campaign in South Carolina against teaching evolution by natural selection. . Evolution through natural selection happened and is happening. If you follow the link you provided will read that Fair wises up drops his case and the intellectuals rejoice, but the article mentions an organization called the Discovery Institute. . I am not a fan of this organization, instead of promoting education this origination tears apart education. The discovery institute dismisses science, evidence and reality for an apologetic view concerning the origin of life in our world. So right now in the United States the order of business he day is common sense and education but, with groups like a he discovery institute picking up support well.. Farmers crop yield airplane traffic and pretty much ch everyone may suffer.
I will do my best to never stop learning. I will always question. Do background research. Construct my hypothesis. Test my hypothesis through experimentation. Analyze data, draw conclusions. Share my results. I encourage you to do the same.
Maybe if we all do this we can keep the education system great.



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