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I showed my girlfriend some text I highlighted in a pretty boring technical book I was reading for work. The text was a famous quote by a Teddy Roosevelt. The life of Teddy Roosevelt is an amazing one in which, an asthmatic child grew up to become a tough cowboy reform president who my way of dogged will and impeccable leadership built the Panama Canal. The president started a ranch out west and earned the respect of authentic cowboys. Roosevelt also served on the board of the New York City Police Department Commissioners. It was his service that helped turn around the notoriously corrupt department. Roosevelt would walk, as a board member, officers beats on the street. He was tough but had compassion on the immigrants living in New York. The immigrants who were abused and exploited. After his time on the board Roosevelt became mayor of New York. As mayor he participated in more police reform as well as the city as a whole. Roosevelt paid what is arguably the highest price in world war 1. Roosevelt lost his son, a pilot in world war 1.
I am not sure if I have made it evident yet, but I am a huge Roosevelt fan. He handled himself as a compassionate gentleman and made huge improvements. The deck was stacked against Roosevelt (being asthmatic and all) but he had grit determination and gave respect he did what many haven’t with less than many have. He… Well, lady hear from him what he did.

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are” –Teddy Roosevelt
I love this quote! You may see or be experiencing some rough stuff #immigrationreform #unemployed #civilrights #lifecansucksometimes. You may be asking yourself what you can do. Your immediate answer may be, nothing. That is not true. The environmental movement had a motto

“think global act local” You can act locally. Small changes make big differences. You can do something no matter the size.
You are a person living in the Information Age. At your fingertips you have much power.
Finally, where you are will change as you do good so be aware. Do good.



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