Just don’t get lost in them

Posted: February 19, 2015 in Uncategorized

The weeds. They are all over. Fields get overgrown with them and they can choke the life out of crops and other plants. I found a wonderful blog. The author mentions that, we should give weeds a break. I don’t completely disagree I love seeing dandelions on the side of the highway or in am empty field however, I would never let a weed kill my crop.
That is the balancing act isn’t it? At work in life, we have goals and accomplishments and a bunch of weeds. It can become easy to get distracted and engage in digression. Some distractions are wonderful yellow dandelions, worth some of our time. So the expression is

“don’t get lost in the weeds”
There is nothing wrong with going through and admiring the weeds but, we have to keep our heads up wits about us and be aware. What are you here for? Probably not the weeds…




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