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Posted: February 20, 2015 in Uncategorized

On my iPhone there is a symbol on my keyboard. The symbol is a microphone. Apple calls it the microphone key. On the apple website they sell the key as a way to say what you want and have Siri write it down for you. This works well. I love using this option when I, have only one hand available. The option works well but it is not perfect. I have had to delete and repeat because of some, misunderstandings between Siri and I. See, not only will Siri write things down for you, she will also spell check and correct things for you. So with Siris help I have sent some odd texts, weird tweets and totally funky Facebook status. What is the plural for status? (Hang on let me ask Siri). (Looks like I could have used the word statuses, oh well sentence is typed now)
I see some instances where, people have taken the time to correct the grammar in; Facebook statuses, tweets and text messages. The correction is sometimes accompanied with a comment about, the importance of proper grammar. To these language police, I must point to he catalogue of the amazing e e Cummings. I love his poems! The man was a genius. I wonder if e e were posting online, would people correct the genius?
Of course grammar matters but, isn’t it more important when writing to properly convey an idea?
Of course, for those of us who, are not e e good grammar helps convey ideas through writing. However I would like to remind the language police, before becoming judgmental and pedantic, in their enforcement of APA standards, that sometimes Siri is a foe not friend. It can be easy to pass judgement on others, but it is never easy to be a good judge. Good judges do their homework. Good judges know things about their subjects of judgement. The know how text is bring written. Good judges never forget about Siri.
Being a good judge seems tough. Too tough for me. I am going to try my best to avoid judgement and when it is forced, I hope I will do the judging well and not forget about Siri or spell check.




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