No good guys

Posted: February 20, 2015 in Uncategorized

A book named “Red Notice: A true story of high finance, murder and one man’s fight for justice”, was featured on my one of my favorite podcasts Thursday morning. Guess what made it to my list of books to read? Yes “The Cat in the Hat” and of course “Red Notice”. The author was the one who was being interviewed on the podcast, his name is Bill Browder. Bill is an American financier who went East to Moscow when communism collapsed and ran a successful investment company. His company was at the top of the world until it exposed the crooked ways of Putin and his cronies. Shortly after that things fell apart. During the podcast Bill mentions how he hired an attorney to help expose the crooked police officers who stole from him as well as the Russian government. Bill and his attorney even brought charges against the police.
The author expressed hope. He speaks of how the “good guys” will, know about the corruption but, he quickly realizes that, there were no good guys. I want to spoil the end and tell you what happened but, I will not.
Sometimes it seems as though there are no good guys. The thing about the absence of food is that, it is only true if you allow it to be true.


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