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Business can be complicated, I know this because my girlfriend is taking some business courses online and I have willingly and graciously, become he sounding board for essays and treatments concerning all sorts of business models throughout time. Seriously, I love listening and helping her with this subject but, it can be complicated. Gone are the days were a person has an idea builds his own prototype and starts his own manufacturing and supply chain. Business is compartmentalized and connected at the same time, it is this strange balance that, when perfected creates an efficient and profitable model.
The globalization of modern businesses has made an environment in which many companies compartmentalization takes place at an international level. The company a Apple, of whom I am a huge fan has a factory that is a major part of their supply chain. The company who is actually a partner of Apple is FoxConn. The FoxConn factory builds the extremely popular and awesome I Pads as well as other cool Apple products.
An investigation brought to light that, the Foxconn factory has violated many workers rights. When faced with the reality of their partners working conditions Apple took responsibility and put pressure on the partner to adhere to a code of conduct for the factories treatment of employees. It has been 3 years since the investigation progress has been slow and hard but Apple Is not quitting. You can go to the apple website and see the progress and promises.
Many of Apple and China’s (China is where the Foxconn factory is located) have been critical to the rate of Foxconn and Apples progress. I, speaking as an Apple fan, would like to remind them that the United States of America did not change its labor laws to protect children until the Great Depression forced the governments hand. In 1938 because of the Great Depression many adults needed the jobs of children and Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed into law the Fair Labor Standards Act. It was during this progressive era that the public schools were really boosted up too. Children were looked at as more than merely more help in the workplace. A cultural change happened! I would also be remiss if I failed to point out that to this day in the United States the federal labor laws do a very poor job protecting children from labor in agriculture. In the United States there are state actions to protect youth from dangerous labor on the farm but many children still are wounded and die working in agriculture. There are changes happening but it is taking time.
As in China with Foxconn the United States has much growing to do.
The idea of agriculture in the UnitedStates has been romanticized and I think that is part of the push back concerning children’s rights in agriculture labor. The activists working to protect children have to be pushy yet patient in breaking through this facade of bucolic fantasy concerning children put in danger and killed in the name of profit.
Often a person can fin themselves in a situation where, they are working against culture and ideology. If you are right, and protection of our children as well as respect for human rights is right, you will triumph, but it may take a lifetime of tireless service and a Great Depression to get there.

“It does not take a majority to prevail… but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.”

Samuel Adams

Keep your heads up, never quit, be patient and always do good.





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