Posted: February 25, 2015 in Uncategorized

As I sit in this waiting room typing on this iPad waiting for my girlfriend to finish her appointment, I have to confess that I am typing in an almost uninspired state. I type almost, because I am inspired, just not as much as I usually am every morning that I type. Usually when I type in this blog I feel fired up and compassionate about the opinion I put into written form, but today the raucous type will not be crafted from an inspired place.

When I first started this blog I did it with a goal in mind. I was involved in a contest with my buddy Cassie. I won the contest (of course all I do is win win win), and after the contest was over I couldn’t stop myself. I had things to say about, everything. I still have things to say. Today I am really interested in goals.

There was an interesting article about goals and a person who abandoned goals. He points out how liberating it is for him.

I think goals and inspiration are useful tools that I am not ready to abandon just yet. While they are useful tools they are tools. I think it is paramount to remember that our goals should never stop us from living in the present.

So I will not worry about my lack of passion now, because while I do not have passion this morning for something in life’s everyday or the news. I am passionate about right now. This moment I am feeling, living and loving all of it. The anxiety, fear, hope. I am doing my best to allow my senses and emotions to write to my psyche and shape me.

Think about how much more you will enjoy today, not through abandoning goals or inspiration but by making living right now our goal and allowing all of life, from the sensual to the spiritual inspire you.

Today could really rock!




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